7/14/18 – The mystery man not traded for Roman Turek

One of the things I remember most about the Dallas Stars parade and rally inside Reunion Arena was the Stars announcing that Roman Turek had been traded to the St. Louis Blues. They ended up getting a 2nd round pick for him, but as a 13 year old child with no real access to the internet I wasn’t yet Aggressively Online so some aspects of the story were beyond my grasp.

In doing a little research for a project coming up on Mooterati I came across this nugget I’ve been trying to track down for, oh I don’t know, 20 minutes. This is from the September 20, 1999 issue of Sports Illustrated from Kostya Kennedy.

Dudley Turek

Rick Dudley eventually moved the fourth pick in the draft for Dan Cloutier, but had agreed to move “a good, established NHL player” for Turek prior to Lightning owner Art Williams killing the deal. (See, owners do kill trades at the last minute Erik Karlsson fans.)

Curiosity is getting the best of me big time. Tampa Bay was pretty terrible and the list of good, established players on that roster isn’t long. The Stars wouldn’t have been looking to get a goalie back just to risk losing in the draft. Tampa didn’t have any defensemen that fit the bill.

Pavel Kubina and Vincent Lecavalier were there, but neither was going to be moved so it isn’t them. The candidates are few, but interesting.


Wendel Clark left as a free agent. Lecavalier and Kubina weren’t happening. I don’t see how Alex Selivanov or Rob Zamuner fit. Surely the Stars weren’t targeting a reunion with Benoit Hogue. Craig Janney was traded for a 6th round pick the next season. The only names that fit are Chris Gratton, Darcy Tucker, and Stephane Richer.

And boy, do those names fit. Darcy Tucker and Chris Gratton especially.  Tucker is known for this. And this entitled: “My Job Was to Drive Everyone Else Crazy On The Ice”. Yeah, that sounds like a Ken Hitchcock guy in 1999. Brenden Morrow would make his debut the next season playing a rugged power forward game, though he was never that kind of player. Steve Ott had some aspects of that reputation though, and he debuted shortly thereafter too. In 2000 the Stars also tried Scott Thornton out on LW. Tucker checks a lot of boxes.

Gratton could have fit too. A big scoring center? This is exactly the kind of player Hitchcock would have wanted, and also the exact type of center the Stars would acquire several years later when Joe Nieuwendyk was dealt to the New Jersey Devils for Jason Arnott. Arnott ultimately had a better career, but the similarities between the two are obvious.

I don’t know who the player ultimately was, but I would really like to find out. Someone out there knows, and it may be common knowledge that passed by my young brain at the time. I’m determined to find out.

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5/29/18 – Stanley Cup Final: Game One

I have this weird feeling sometimes where I try to sit down and write and nothing at all comes out. It isn’t writers block because I can always run my mouth if I want to do so. It isn’t a lack of activity going on in the hockey world. The draft is on deck and the Stanley Cup Final is going on right now. I think this is how my depression manifests itself.

What frustrates me about this happening right now is that it takes away a good portion of the enjoyment I would have otherwise gotten from an incredible game one of the Stanley Cup Final between the Washington Capitals and Vegas Golden Knights. That was peak entertainment.

Days and weeks can go by and my brain feels like it is wrapped in saran wrap. I don’t want to get out of bed, household activities become less important then build up, and I can spend hour upon hour engaged in one most likely irrelevant task yet sitting down to write or cleaning the kitchen can feel like the most impossible task in the world. I watched the game, but I definitely didn’t enjoy it to the level I would while in a good frame of mind.

Even right now I’m sitting at work thinking about getting ready for summer school, cleaning my room, finalizing grades, and a million other things I need to do. Yet, I’m writing this – something that initially came into my mind Friday night (minus the hockey) as I drove in a giant circle around Houston trying to clear my head of all of the depressing thoughts swirling around them.

Despite all of that I still got more enjoyment out of the presentation than half of the viewers watching it along with Twitter. Look at all this fun!

The party Vegas threw included a great hockey game. Sure, the officiating was horrible. It’s an NHL game…in the playoffs. It’s going to be horrible because it always is. The game was fun though! 6-4! Look at all dem goals! And they were good goals too! That no look pass by Timothy Jimothy Oshie was incredible. This is what the NHL wants and needs hockey to be!

It’s better for everyone if hockey succeeds in Las Vegas. The show they put on last night is the exact reason why you would put a team out there in the first place. The wonderful hockey and Stanley Cup Final appearance is all just a bonus. If my depressed ass can appreciate it what’s wrong with so many of the rest of you?