10/9/18 – Weird Media Mail from Toronto

Sometimes I get weird shit in my email. I got many emails about review copies of Michael Rapaport’s book for instance. I don’t know how or why. I kind of wish I had responded after checking out the Amazon reviews just now.


Sounds like fun.

I guess I got this yesterday according to the time stamp.


The Dallas Stars are hosting the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight so it stands to reason that I’ll get Toronto media spillage. This is something unique among those contacts. As far as I can tell, a man is going on a hockey road trip to see 82 hockey games. And he created a press kit for it?


I admitted being amused by the uncomfortable or the “off beat” yesterday. This qualifies. I guess he’s trying to go to all of the Toronto Maple Leafs games this year, and seeking media coverage. I’m not quite sure why. Is being rich noteworthy?


The stated goal of the project is to meet with Maple Leafs fans in every city to hear their stories. He appears to be seeking interview opportunities, to have people host meet and greets, or to offer “branded video or blog content” and digital content sponsorships.

I realize I can delete things like this then move on with my life, but this entire spectacle is just weird to me. I understand doing things for charity or to raise awareness. Charitable work is fantastic.

(Calling yourself a historian because you collect things is also pretty charitable. That’s probably the first thing that stuck out to me. My degree is in history. This does not make me a historian.)

This isn’t charitable as far as I can see. This comes across as someone with an inflated sense of self going on a long road trip because he has the money to do it assuming anyone else cares, and it’s weird.

But really that fits the entire Toronto aesthetic, doesn’t it? Spending money then seeking attention for it while encouraging people to come talk to you about spending that money, hooray.