7/6/18 – Erik Karlsson and Other Drugs

The Dallas Stars really did almost acquire Erik Karlsson. As of this writing he still hasn’t been traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning so honestly who knows what is going to happen. We’re essentially at the point now where the Stars were on July 3rd. There are many people who thought for sure Karlsson was headed to Dallas.

Then reports surfaced that Ottawa wasn’t satisfied with offers from multiple sources in Ottawa as sources in Dallas went mostly quiet. Now the Lightning are on the brink of acquiring him, reportedly, despite having virtually no cap space and a ton of major free agents coming up.

If Tampa Bay can pull it off then more power to them, but as long as the ask from the Stars turned into Miro Heiskanen the Stars were never acquiring Karlsson. Many of us tried to tell you. A spirited debate kicked up which is great. I took a stab at going into it here.

The debate is good. I strongly disagree with one side of it, but I can’t in good conscience tell them they are outright wrong when the position ends with “trade for Erik Karlsson”. Nothing in my conscience allows me to call the concept wrong. What did blow my mind was the number of people who replied on Twitter or Reddit to people who actually know some information with statements like “how do you know that” or some variant.

But I guess that’s the point of all of this, eh? People want information and they want it now. Instant satisfaction is king while people call for the head of Jim Nill after he made spirited efforts to acquire John Tavares and Erik Karlsson. Names. And I can tell you they aren’t done trying. Keep your heads about you and everything should be fine. If they end up not handling business I’ll be right there with you, but we’re way too early in the process to bring the pitchforks out yet.

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There’s even more, but damn. I wrote a lot of shit the past week, eh? Thanks a lot Tavares and Karlsson. For the record, this story is still pre-written in my drafts.


I was told to have it written because a deal was coming. They were that close.

6/22/18 – Fate of the Mooterati

The past few weeks I’ve spent some time thinking about how Mooterati is going to fit into what I’m trying to do. It has a place for me personally, and I think I know what that is now.

I don’t make any money from the Dallas Morning News, and I’m not going to. I’ll get paid according to hits, and I never signed anything saying I couldn’t disclose that so I guess I’m ok. I’m not a staff employee so major breaking stories will go elsewhere and be promoted over things I do. I’m not complaining. I knew the score when I signed up to do it.

With that being said, I do enjoy looking at the statistical side. I also know people aren’t signing up the the Dallas Morning News to read statistical stories about the Dallas Stars. So what I’ve decided to do is post anything with a heavy statistical slant here, and the more soft core stuff will be on Sports Day. That way anyone that is actually interested in seeing it can.

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