11/14/18 – Devin Nystrom

Alexander Radulov, Tyler Seguin, and Devin Shore lead the Dallas Stars with four goals at even strength.

This is a sentence that accurately describes hockey in the year of our Lord 2018, a year that makes zero sense in most contexts.

Shore’s career high in goals is 13 which should immediately raise some alarms. The five he has in 18 games this season have him on pace for 23. 23 goals from an unexpected source would be a major boost for a Stars team that needs offensive production.

It isn’t going to happen. Shore is shooting damn near 30%. He’s a a career 10% shooter prior to this season. Prior to the injury he was on pace to take 78 shots over the course of the entire season. He took 115 and 123 shots in each of the last two seasons. He’s 3rd from the bottom on the Stars in individual Corsi attempts per hour and 3rd from the bottom in individual expected goals per hour per Corsica. Like last season, he is still not consistently doing the things necessary to create offensive production.

I’m sure Shore is a wonderful teammate and a great guy. He does some things that do help the team. What I’m saying isn’t about that. He just isn’t very productive offensively, and these numbers are a mirage. I would say his shooting percentage will come down over time, but he takes so few shots it may linger up there for a while when he gets back in the lineup.

The point is this: many players before him have done this. Eric Nystrom notably did it after the Stars picked him up off waivers. Absurdly high shooting percentages will come back down to Earth, and players need to have the secondary areas of their game together to the point that they can still contribute when the goal scoring hot hand ends.

I like Devin Shore. I have a picture of him on my digital picture frame on the wall, which sounds infinitely creepier typed out than it did in my head. It pays to be honest though, and the reality is this isn’t sustainable offense.

Please do not send anyone to attempt to beat me up this time.

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