8/29/18 – Erik Gudbranson is right, Fortnite is a plague

I hate old man rants about video games. I used to play them a lot more than I do now, but I always thought it made people seem so out of touch to rail against them. Video games promote hand eye coordination, mental sharpness, and now they promote team building and cooperation skills as squad/MMORPG games grow.

But, this funny as hell Erik Gudbranson quote got me thinking a little more.

Yes, kids are ridiculously good at this game. It’s almost frightening how well they can play it and other games like it. Some of the kids I see are straight up Fortnite ringers. It isn’t just the kids you would expect either. Kids from all walks of life get into games like it these days. They even find free bootleg online versions of it too because they do exist.

The addictive part is what stuck out to me because Dr. Gudbranson isn’t as crazy as he sounds. It isn’t happening so much this year, but the kids I dealt with last year talked about Fortnite ALL THE TIME. We’re talking stayed up all night playing it, but doing nothing else type of devotion. In summer school it was downright scary.

Sure, there are other factors in play here, but the hold this game has on some kids is truly something to witness.

As a community we laughed last year at the draft when word started to circulate that NHL teams were sending up Fortnite Red Flags, and we should laugh at that. It’s silly. A few outliers don’t spoil the entire group of people who enjoy Fortnite.

That core dedicated group who is allowed to spend 8-10 hours a day everyday playing it while ignoring everything else going on around them though? Sute, they can kick Gudbranson’s ass in Fortnite, but the devotion it takes is scary.

I do wonder if that type of devotion or dedication is healthy. I know the extreme “I’m not doing anything else ever” types aren’t since they’re crippling their school grades, but I do wonder if it is a problem in places like professional sports where younger kids are learning how to be adults while still really wanting to blow shit up with their friends for hours on end.

Maybe nothing is really different. I do like that quote though because the groin kicks Gudbranson has gotten for it make me smile.

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