8/4/18 – Bogorad Takes Over the Mic

It’s easy to overthink things when an obvious solution is right in front of you. Overthinking things rarely turns out well. The Dallas Stars decided to take the obvious solution to the broadcast booth that was staring them right in the face by announcing that Josh Bogorad will take over as the play by play man starting with the 2019 season.

I think the tendency is to think that the obvious solution is the safe choice. Maybe it is sometimes? That doesn’t mean it’s the wrong choice. Bogorad is knowledgeable, has always done a great job in any broadcasting role the Stars have asked him to fill, and strikes the perfect tone that the broadcasts have been lacking since Dave Strader had to take a medical leave of absence prior to his untimely passing.

Obvious, in this case, is a perfect fit.

During the 2016 training camp in Austin I headed out to what was then Cedar Park Center for the weekend to check out some practices and the scrimmage. For the scrimmage I sat in the press box. As one would expect I was at the far end of the press box near the broadcasting equipment.

I had already watched John Klingberg legitimately skip down the hall to the dressing room in skates, and almost tripped Antoine Roussel prior to sitting at the far end of the press box. I don’t know if the events are related, but I assume they aren’t. Seated right next to me was Bogorad and to his right was Texas Stars broadcaster Brian Rea who were going to broadcast the game I assume for dallasstars.com

Sitting next to them as they called the game was the most entertaining experience I had that weekend. Have you ever tried to sync a radio broadcast up with the TV, or tried to listen to the play by play while in the stadium on a radio? This was like that, but it felt like they were broadcasting the game to me since I was sitting right beside them.

I can’t tell you how many times I almost replied to something they said. What impressed me the most was how effortless Bogorad made what had to be a somewhat chaotic presentation seem. The scrimmages have players randomly on different teams, some of whom are AHL lifers he has barely ever seen. I think that was the year the jerseys didn’t have names on them either. There were no commercial breaks, just period breaks.

When there was a break in the action Josh would just talk like he was completely comfortable in his surroundings, like what he was doing was completely normal while being the nicest guy with whom you could hope to interact. I’m happy for that guy. He’s going to do a great job for as long as he wants the gig.

That same year I rode in the media elevator with Craig Ludwig. I feel like it’s relevant to this story, but I don’t know how else to tie it in.

I didn’t think this would happen because you always heard that Daryl Reaugh wanted to do play by play. Former players rarely seem to take to play by play, and Razor had his ups and downs. I imagine this transition wasn’t easy for him to accept. The broadcast is better for him accepting it though because he is easily the best color commentator in the business. His experience should help easy Bogorad into the chair full time.

Good for the powers that be for making the right decision. Now find a way to get Julie Dobbs back into the fold and call it an offseason.


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