6/22/18 – Fate of the Mooterati

The past few weeks I’ve spent some time thinking about how Mooterati is going to fit into what I’m trying to do. It has a place for me personally, and I think I know what that is now.

I don’t make any money from the Dallas Morning News, and I’m not going to. I’ll get paid according to hits, and I never signed anything saying I couldn’t disclose that so I guess I’m ok. I’m not a staff employee so major breaking stories will go elsewhere and be promoted over things I do. I’m not complaining. I knew the score when I signed up to do it.

With that being said, I do enjoy looking at the statistical side. I also know people aren’t signing up the the Dallas Morning News to read statistical stories about the Dallas Stars. So what I’ve decided to do is post anything with a heavy statistical slant here, and the more soft core stuff will be on Sports Day. That way anyone that is actually interested in seeing it can.

Just, you know, one way or the other I would appreciate it if you clicked on those links whether you’ve hit your monthly limit of stories or you do it some other nefarious way.

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