Charity Hockey Game to Benefit DPD Officers Wounded in Home Depot Shooting

Tomorrow the Dallas Police Department and Fort Worth Police Department will play a charity hockey game in honor of Rogelio Santander and his partner Crystal Almeida. Both officers were wounded at Home Depot in late April when a gunman opened fired on them as they attempted to arrest him for outstanding theft warrants. Office Santander passed away from his wounds.

This is a little last minute, but someone posted it on Reddit. I don’t know where I’ve been, but I haven’t seen anything about this. I assumed if I hadn’t seen it many of you hadn’t either.

Dallas Police Hockey tweeted out a bunch of information about the game. Tickets are 10 bucks at the door at 7:45 Saturday night at the Plano StarCenter.

The families of the victims will be represented at the game.

DPD will be wearing this decal donated by FastSigns during the game.

These pucks will be sold off for the benefit too.

Many of us have uneasy feelings about the police but then something like this happens and helps remind you that the overwhelming majority of them are just doing their jobs. Help them out if you can make it.

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