4/18/18 – Mooterus Rising

“It wasn’t until much later we found out that the lead designer had flunked out of school in an effort to become a gynecologist.”

A good joke is built up through the set up and leads into the punchline that gets you. I never would have even watched this video or gotten to the punchline after a minute and a half of set up without a number of people alerting me to it. This is exceptional. Thank you for your service.


The Dallas Stars have released a video with the word gynecologist in it.

I am almost certain that this is the first time they have ever referred to their own logo as the Mooterus, and I’m also almost certain this is the second reference the team has made to the logo since the jerseys were so abruptly sent out to pasture.

Look at these sweeping images of the Mooterus in all of its glory.


A young Jim Lites makes a dizzying appearance.


Marty Turco made sure that he will live forever in gif form with his poor reaction to the Mooterus.


Jussi Jokinen and Mike Modano seemed to deal with it just fine. Look how majestic it looks gliding across the ice for this goal.


“As soon as we hit the minimum number of games the league was forcing us to wear them we had a bonfire.”


Not to be outdone by Turco, Brenden Morrow decided he wanted to live forever in a disapproving gif.


I completely forgot the Ice Girls had their own Mooterus uniforms. Dear GOD.


You may be asking “what’s wrong with the Stars using the word gynecologist in a video?”

The answer? Nothing!

I’m just surprised that they did it. The Stars are normally so conservative and risk averse. This video mentions the uterus AND a gynecologist. They poke fun at themselves with an anonymous man behind a face shield. Former players are even in on the bit showing their disgust of the Mooterus. In short, the Stars made a fun harmless joke, and it was good.

We’ve seen how much fun they can have in the arena over the past several years, but more often than not that personality doesn’t show on the outside. The Stars really went for it with this and it works. All too often the NHL takes itself way too seriously. When they do try to lighten the mood we get people like the Vegas Golden Knights dearly departed irritating Twitter manager. Content like this hits that sweet spot where no one has any reason to be offended and humor is maximized by a well written joke.

Even in a bad season it’s possible to have a little fun. It would be nice to see the Stars churn more stuff like this out over the next few years and embrace their history no matter how embarrassing it may be.

My day is made.

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