2/20/18 – Heiskanen Scored a Goal

One thing I’m fairly confident I know about Miro Heiskanen at this point is that he learns quickly. I mean yeah he can pass, skate, use space exceptionally well, and has a very high hockey IQ, but he adapts so quickly. Sure, they played Korea in Team Finland’s 5-2 victory, but this was probably his best overall game with or without the goal.

The first period was the best period I’ve seen him play in the Olympics. Heiskanen came out firing. He took around four shots in the period, and probably attempted six or seven in the game. He scored his first goal of the Olympics and took his first slap shot of the tournament.

When Heiskanen fully decides, or is allowed, to take over a game he’s going to be a genuine bad ass. The talent is obvious and you see moments where he looks the part. As he gets older and more consistently finds that top gear they should happen more frequently.

On to the gifs:

The first of many shots Heiskanen took in the game.


Heiskanen was on the attack here and came under pressure. Instead of turning it over he chips it into the corner to keep the attack alive.


The degree of difficulty on this pass is fairly high.

Miro Outlet

Here is his second shot of the game.

2nd Miro Shot

This gif is my favorite one from the four games. Heiskanen skates the puck out of the zone under pressure all the way up the ice to lead a rush before dishing the puck off to a teammate.


Miro finally got on the board. The NBC broadcast gave us four beautiful angles of our sweet boy scoring his first Olympic goal. The first gif goes all the way back to the pass he took from Eeli Tolvanen. Note that he got hit before taking the shot.


On the reverse angle you can see how the puck found its way into the net.

The third angle gives you a better idea of how quickly he got the shot off.


The fourth angle shows off the traffic he had to fire through to get the puck on net.


I enjoyed this play too. Its a simple play, but very effective. Heiskanen chips the puck into space in his own end to eliminate the Korean forecheck.


We rarely get to see him play any defense because of how quickly he gets the puck out of his own end. This gif shows him in coverage off the rush.


This guy really likes South Korea.


I think Heiskanen was going for a body check on this play, I guess? I don’t know. Either way he stopped the rush at the line so the attack could go the other way.


This next gif is pretty nice. It’s just a simple pass in the defensive zone under pressure, but it is oh so nice


I think this is the first and only slapshot I’ve seen him take in four games.


Team Finland plays again Tuesday morning at 7:10. They take on Canada for the chance to move on further in the medal round. Heiskanen is already playing against adults in Finland, but this game should be the biggest test of the Olympics for him outside of Sweden. Norway, Germany, and Korea are fun games to watch, but anyone who follows the Stars should be closely watching him play against legitimate teams to get an idea of how NHL-ready he is.

For us to get to see a sixth Heiskanen Olympic game, Team Finland may want to use him more. The only pressure Korea got on Finland was with him off of the ice. He’s the alpha. Use him guys.

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