2/16/18 – Jeep’s Blues

Thematically the St. Louis Blues team shares a lot with the musical genre from which they requisitioned their symbols and identity. You don’t want to get the blues. The blues represent being at your lowest point and depression. Pretty fitting for a 50 year old franchise with no Stanley Cups, eh?

Musically the blues are about creativity, improvisation, and setting a mood. Within the structure of a song the artists are encouraged to add their own personal touches to make it their own. That couldn’t be further from an appropriate description of the franchise. As a team they are tantalizingly boring.

Tonight’s game was more thematically blues than musically. It was depressing for the most part and most of the night I wondered why I was suffering through it and what I needed to change about my life to make things better. It’s great that the Stars won, but boy that was awful.

How about some thoughts? Everybody likes thoughts.

1. I kept thinking the Stars could use another dynamic skating defenseman. Julius Honka does a lot of that, but I think I’m officially spoiled on Miro Heiskanen after watching one game. His skill set so perfectly fits the Stars.

2. Stephen Johns is an adult. I expected Ken Hitchcock, Rick Wilson, and a more structured system to have a big impact on him. This is ridiculous though.

3. St. Louis collapses SO HARD defensively. Early in the game Gemel Smith set up Jason Spezza in tight on an odd man rush. I thought if he stopped the Stars would’ve had a ton of room to work.

A few shifts later Spezza carries it in. He did stop. He immediately had a 15 foot radius of space and a ton of time. The Stars got a few other chances from it later. The John Klingberg power play shot off the post comes to mind.

4. A two goal lead with 4:18 to go in a February divisional game with the team right ahead of you and the worst thing you can possibly do is take a double minor. Klingberg accidentally did it.

The Stars gave up only one goal, but the chances were coming. Tyler Pitlick in particular made a great save. Ben Bishop was great. It was nice to not be terrified of the inevitable coming goal.

5. The boring Hitchcock memes write themselves when his two most recent teams play, don’t they?

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