2/5/2018 – Mooterart From Around The Internet

I’m torn about what to do. I feel like I need a prominent Mooterus at the top of the page and Mooterus accents everywhere. I would happily take one of the many you can find with Google.

The problem there is theft. I feel like that would risk a lawsuit from the Stars. I don’t want to get sued  Then again getting sued for ripping off a Mooterus is very much On Brand and might make it all worth it.

I can’t imagine anyone has the word “Mooterus” trademarked. There is no way the Stars do because they don’t even acknowledge the jersey, and the term isn’t “official” anyway. Plus if an outside force tried to trademark it there almost certainly would be a lawsuit. I feel like I’m pretty safe using it as gratuitously as possible though I’m no lawyer.

I hit Google looking for inspiration and ideas. Mooterus artwork and Mooterus themed drawings are pretty common. If you aren’t familiar with the Mooterus (for one, why are you here?) this is it in all of it’s glory:


If you’re unfamiliar with why it is colloquially referred to as the Mooterus that’s because it bears a stunning resemblance to the female reproductive system:


Professionals have tried to make the logo less fun by removing the red to make the original jersey more aesthetically pleasing and On Brand for the Stars. Hockey By Design did this for some reason:


It just doesn’t look right.

A couple of enterprising individuals tried to mock up a Stars third jersey with an up to date Mooterus. This one appears to be done by a scholar named Coby Schoolman. Boffo work.

CobySchoolman-DAL (2)

We also have a fine piece of Photoshopping that shows us what the Victory Greem jersey looks like Mooterized.


I appreciate the invention. I appreciate the creativity. These people clearly have their priorities in order and know how things should be. I salute them.

I need the dedication of those who decided to draw Mooteri. Imagine the dedication needed to craft a Mooterus from crayon, ink pen, marker, paint, or charcoal. I think this one is watercolor and I would love to discuss the work with the artist to understand their motivations and goals with the piece.

mooterus_by_ashtonmack-db97kvlAs much as I love the effort and work my favorite depiction has been saved for last. This artist put so much thought and effort into their work. The MS Paint craftsmanship is unparalleled. I’m in love.


If any of the last two artists see this I would love to talk to you. Your work is phenomenal. I am beyond moved and inspired.

I still don’t know what to do for a logo or a banner, but I do now know that the precedent of hand drawing one is out there. It remains to be seen which direction I go. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. If you would like to offer up your own rendition of the Mooterus I would love to see it too. Thank you for your courage should you decide to share one.

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